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Apocalypse 10 Lives - A sensory, Interactive and Educational Immersion with the First Embedded Cameraman Soldiers
Apocalypse Officiel Équipe éditoriale . . .

An interactive experience in virtual reality (VR)

The Apocalypse 10 Lives – Virtual Reality application offers users the viewpoint of a war correspondent moving through a frontline trench on the battlefield during the Canadian offensive at Cambrai in the north of France on October 2, 1918.

Will you be Rose Dubois, a reporter/photographer for the World Chronicle or Albert Ammas, a cameraman for the film unit of the French Army?

Your mission: to find and photograph Canadian nurse Louise Masson to complete an article on war medicine, and to film the recapture of the town from the enemy.

Come and try this application while you visit the Apocalypse exposition, which will first be shown at l’atelier Canopé de Lille, from November 12th 2018.

The app will be available soon on Occulus and Google Cardboard.