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Double Your Knowledge: Explore History on Two Screens
Apocalypse Officiel Équipe éditoriale . . .

Canada Edition – Apocalypse World War I

Apocalypse WWI – Second screen – Canadian edition is a platform designed for tablets, smartphones, and computers. It is linked to the television series Apocalypse World War I. You can synchronize this device with your DVD or Blu-ray to access complementary content that enriches the five one-hour documentaries.

This edition, especially designed for Canada, provides more details on Canadian participation in the First World War and the global impact of this watershed event.

100 factsheets provide previously-unseen content on the major themes of the Great War, portraits of Canadian war heroes, and stories of women that highlight their important contribution in wartime. With historical anecdotes, statistics, photo galleries, quizzes, etc.

This application was created to serve as a learning tool and can easily be adapted to the historical contexts of other countries such as Australia and New Zealand, for example.