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Apocalypse 10 Lives, an Animated Docudrama
Apocalypse Officiel Équipe éditoriale . . .

A mixture of animation and archival footage. Immersion is total with four hours of dramatized audio dialogue, two hours of video archives, hundreds of photographs, more than 250 drawings, special effects, historical texts, and previously unseen documents.

Apocalypse 10 Lives: 10 human experiences of those terrible years. Our heroes go through the war, crossing each other’s paths and also the paths of real people, some anonymous, others renowned. They are involved in the conflict on all fronts: in rebellions and in exoduses, in the countryside and in the cities, in factories and in the back rooms of royalty, industrialists, and politicians. All the characters feel the maelstrom of the conflict from their private, subjective points of view and in their relationship with the history that shapes their destinies, but in which they are also actors.

Explore Apocalypse 10 Lives, The Interactive Experience on the web or on a tablet (available in English and in French).