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Apocalypse 10 Lives - To Study the Great War Differently
Apocalypse Officiel Équipe éditoriale . . .

A free online learning toolkit linked to Apocalypse 10 Lives application is available to teachers in Canada and France.

Using the graphic novel as a starting point, teachers encourage students to find out more about the conflict via the fictional but realistic bios of the 10 heroes who are evolving in factual history. As they follow these stories, students can explore complementary content, archives, and ten multidisciplinary thematic files with activity sheets:

  • The Chronological Markers of the First World War
  • The Combat Experience
  • Civilian Populations: Between Involvement and Suffering
  • The Emancipation of Women during the Great War: Myth or Reality?
  • Technological and Scientific Progress
  • Progress in Medicine and Surgery
  • Writing in Wartime
  • The Arts and the First World War
  • The Involvement of the State
  • Outline of the Historiography

This educational multimedia toolkit is available in French and in English to teachers and students on the following platforms:

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