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A Contemporary Reflection on Memory and History
Apocalypse Officiel Équipe éditoriale . . .

Travel Back in Time Back in Time to Explore the WWI and the Postwar Period

Companion to the Apocalypse 10 Lives app and to series Apocalypse World WarI and Apocalypse Never-Ending War, the immersive exhibition is built on the concept of time travel: visitors find themselves waiting for a train at the Gare de Lyon in Paris in 1918.

On the railway platform, six worlds come together, giving visitors a glimpse intovarious dimensions of the first global conflict and its consequences, through an immersive sound environment, archival documents, artifacts, and interactive devices.

During your visit, try out the Apocalypse 10 Lives Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications.

This travelling exhibition will be inaugurated on November 12, 2018 at the Canopé studio in Lille, France

** Under the administration of the French department of education, Réseau Canopé produces transmedia (print, web, mobile, TV content) learning resources for teachers. A major player in the revamping of the school system in France, the agency has developed innovative pedagogical approaches to facilitate the transition towards the digital world.